Friday's Fancies: Getting Cozy

Getting Cozy

Getting Cozy by smartificial

I'm linking up with Friday Fancies for the very first time and super excited about it!  When I don't have time to take outfit photos everyday (thanks daylight savings) and it's not one of my pre-scheduled days, I'm usually struggling for post ideas.  Hopefully this will make it easier, plus I get to link up with tons of other amazing bloggers!

When I first saw that this week was "Getting Cozy", I thought, "No problem, thanks to Sandy, I've been doing that most of the week."  This is basically what I wore everyday I was trapped inside my apartment going stir-crazy.

1.  Cozy Sweater - This is the way to start.  Chunky, cable-knit, thick, and most importantly, warm.  I dig the cowlneck because it doubles as a scarf.

2.  Boots, preferably waterproof. - These Sperrys had been on my wishlist for almost a year when I spotted them on  My brother happens to work there, so I emailed him for his discount code.  Lo and behold, I get an email from my mom telling me that she opted to buy them for me as my birthday present.  Major score!  And thank god she did because these puppies came in handy for Sandy (rhyme time!).

3.  Leggings - My favorites have faux leather panels on the insides of the knees that added just an extra bit of warmth and texture.

4.  Wool Socks - Put these bad boys on under your boots for added warmth.  Plus, you can have the very tops peek out from the top of your boots for a cute, layered look.  I recently picked up some Woolrich ones at TJ Maxx (2 for $7) and haven't taken them off since.

5.  Books - And more books.  I was lucky enough not to lose power at all, but whether its by lamp or candlelight, it was a time to catch up on reading. 

6. Blanket - Nothing better than curling up on the couch in front of a roaring fire with a snugly blanket wrapped around you.  My aunt got me a gorgeous white throw blanket for Christmas last year that is freakishly warm.  And wonderful.

7. Hat - You can't be cozy without keeping that noggin nice and toasty.  I love knit hats because they look great on everyone, can cover up a bad hair day, and make you look like you stepped out of an Abercrombie ad.


  1. Welcome to the Friday's Fancies family!! Love your cozy pieces...I especially want that blanket & the boots. LOVE!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Great first post! I'm loving those boots!! However I might get to wear them like once a year in here in AZ. :(

  3. I don't think I could ever pull off leather pants of any kind, but I'm digging this. That blanket looks especially comfy.


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