Four on Thursday

Anyone else feel like its Friday today?  I'm in a great mood because a) I go home for Thanksgiving in exactly one week and b) DT is finally home from campaigning.  It will be nice to get back into our routine right before we have to leave and head into all the family/holiday/vacation insanity.  

Old Navy Skinny Ankle Pants, $34.50

Old Navy has been killing it lately with great styles of really good quality.  They've been on the printed pants bandwagon for awhile and these are a cute new edition.  I love the print (it also comes in blue dot or solid colors) and the cut of the pants.  Pair these with a thick sweater and boots for now, and then with a button-up and flats come springtime.

Asos Fox Buckle Skinny Waist Belt, $17.59

Foxy lady!  Yes, I bought this and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.  It's fun, it's something different, and it's a conversation starter for sure.  I'm planning outfits in my head completely based around this belt.  Bonus points because one of DT's many college nicknames was "Fox".

Gibson Mixed Print Shirt, on sale $30.42

In case you live under a rock, Nordstrom is having its semi-annual sale right now and you should hop on it because there are so many great pieces at amazing prices.  This shirt jumped out to me because the price is fantastic, and I like the print-mixing within the shirt.  I'm a sucker for polka dots and for plaid, and this shirt combines them both.

J. Crew Factory Wool-Blend Braided Headband, on sale $19.50

It's getting cold out there.  I had to break out the coats and gloves this week, much to my chagrin.  But if it's going to be cold, I'm going to look cute bundling up.  In ridiculous first world problems, I wear my hair up a lot, but you can't do that if you need a hat.  So, headband it is.  Covers the ears, keeps you toasty, and still allows for a ponytail.  And in neon?  No brainer.


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