Currently Reading: The Round House

At the start of summer, thirteen-year-old Joe's mother is brutally raped.  She manages to escape her attacker and save her life, but as Joe watches her slowly spiral into a shell of her former self, he decides that justice must be had, by whatever means necessary.

Set on an Indian reservation in the 1980's, The Round House explores the role of native people in modern society.  The question of land and jurisdiction between tribal law, state law, and federal law, all come into play when talk of prosecuting the rapist comes up.  Did Joe's mother know the rapist?  And was she protecting him or someone else?  Joe needs answers to all of these questions, regardless of the cost.

The Round House is beautifully written, touching on innumerable topics, including coming of age, young love, the power of friendship, family relationships, religion, history, and agriculture.  It is a rich novel, filled with thoughtful prose, plus a thrilling mystery and revenge story.

If you read it, let me know what you think!



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