Four on Thursday

 In good, awesome, super news, I booked a flight to London over Easter to go visit W!  I'm incredibly excited to be back in Europe, visiting a great friend, and spending some time in a city that I haven't seen enough of.

When I was studying in Ireland, I got over to London for a three day weekend with a friend, and we stayed with some of her friends from school.  We were poor, and in college, so there were many two liter bottles of Strongbow Cider for pre-gaming.  I don't think I got the best first impression of London, so I'm anticipating going back and seeing an entirely different city.

To the clothes!

Gap 1969 Curvy Jeans, on sale $29.99

This week has turned out to be all about bottoms, so bear with me.  As much as I love a skinny jean, I'm embracing the comeback of the flare.  The 70s vibe is playful, but this dark wash keeps the modern style.  Plus, the right pair of Gap jeans can change your life.  

Banana Republic Pleated A-Line Skirt in Twilight Navy, on sale $29.99

I'm loving the ladylike style of this skirt.  The pleating is a gorgeous detail and makes this skirt prime for some twirling action.  Also in a pastel yellow color, perfect for spring, but in fewer sizes.

Gap 1969 Legging Skimmer Jeans in Flamingo, on sale $21.99

Also in several other colors, with prices ranging from $21.99-$27.99.  Though I'm embracing the flare, I can't give up the skinny jean just yet.  And colored denim isn't going anywhere.  I've been on the lookout for a pair of jeans in this sort of coral/poppy color for awhile now and this may be the pair.

Asos Opaque with Glitter Spot Tights, on sale $9.65

And finally, just because we're all sick of winter and our same, boring black tights, here's some hosiery to change-up your look.  Black cocktail dress?  Dress it up with these puppies.  They're fun, they're unexpected, and they'll be perfect for holiday parties next season.

And London recommendations?  Suggestions on where to eat, drink, dance, shop?  I'm up for any and everything!


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