Friday's Fancies: Hit the Slopes

Friday's Fancies: Apres-Ski

Friday's Fancies: Apres-Ski by smartificial featuring knit tops

Yes, I grew up in New England.  And yes, after a fluke year in Miami, I went to college in Vermont.  Therefore, I must be an avid skier.

You could not be more wrong.

I skied a handful of times in middle school and high school.  And then I skied about two years ago in West Virginia.  And by "skied" I mean fell down a mountain repeatedly while freezing my buns off waiting for an acceptable time to start drinking in the lodge.  Not in middle or high school though, that would be weird and borderline alcoholism.

While I may not be a skier, I sure do like to dress like one.  I opted for comfy leggings, a long cozy sweater, some absurd orange boots that I find strangely fascinating, and a down vest.  To top things off (a-thank you very much), I went for a knit beanie and finally, a nylon crossbody to keep my hands free.

This is acceptable apres-ski wear, yes?

Have a great weekend!


  1. LOVE the orange picks here! I'm the same way, a total New ENgland girl who can't ski to save her life but loves dressing the part :)
    xx, Emily

  2. Love that gray sweater!

    Happy Friday & have a great weekend!
    World According to Shia


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