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*Update: I prepped this post yesterday so I'm still posting it, but I am en route to Boston for some family stuff. Posting will be sporadic, so I apologize in advance.*

Happy Valentine's Day!  

Since we're all independent women who realize that our worth is not defined by our relationship status, let's use this day to celebrate love in general, and not in the specific.  Whether you have a romantic dinner out with a significant other, a too long happy hour with girlfriends, or a perfectly normal night because who cares what day it is, enjoy it!  

DT and I are actually celebrating on Sunday because Valentine's Day is kind of terrible.  And we are celebrating the fact that we crazy kids have been together for five years (when did that happen?).  DT asked me on our first date on Valentine's Day.  So cheesy.  But, I rolled my eyes and agreed.  And five years and three cities later, here we are.  

We're going to one of our favorite local restaurants to eat our weight in French food and drink too much red wine.  And then we'll probably roll ourselves home and collapse on the couch.  Romance!

Anyway, here are some Valentine's Day themed picks:

Free People Wide-Stitch Sweater, on sale $37.00

Comfy and cozy.  That's what I'm talking about.  I love the color and the knit.  This is definitely a "crawl onto the couch and don't move for hours" sweater. 

Free People Cut Out Bodycon Dress, on sale $89.95

If you want to go the sexy route, this dress is pretty much it.  Tight, I'm sorry - "body-con" (can we be done with that word yet?) - and with a cute, mesh/lace peekaboo back, this is for one hot mama.  Is that you?  It's definitely not me, but I do think it's pretty.

Old Navy Crepe Dress in Hearts, on sale $22.97

Flirty and feminine more your speed?  This Old Navy dress is super cute, in a festive print, and has a fabulous price tag.  I'm loving all of the fuller skirts recently.  

Nine West Izabela Heels in Pink Suede, on sale $59.99

A classic kitten heel is a no-brainer.  These hot pink shoes are easy, classic, and will brighten up your stems. They also come in leopard if you're feeling sassy.


  1. Oh... loving that old navy dress! Happy Valentines Day love!


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