For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Words can't express how happy I am that it's finally Friday.  

This week just got away from me.  Too busy, not enough time to feel settled and relaxed.  Too active, but somehow feeling sluggish.  The weekend will hopefully remedy all that.

Tina and Amy hosted the Golden Globes on Sunday and were amazing as always.  Here's a detailed timeline of their friendship so that we can all aspire to such greatness.

They also called out Bill Cosby which was awesome and uncomfortable and incredibly important.

This is one of the most difficult, beautiful, and heart-wrenching stories I've ever read.

Shocker: being female in the Senate is just as bad (potentially worse) as being female everywhere else.

An essay on Wild and the trope of leaving it all behind.

The best thing on the Internet this week clearly combines Harry Potter and feminism.  Team Hermione!


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