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Recent Purchases 1.21.15

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[1]  DT bought me this dress for Christmas.  The material is on the sheer side, but nothing that a slip can't fix.  The blush color is pretty and very on trend.  I plan on wearing this on our vacation next month.  Result: Kept.

[2]  When I stained my long-sleeved white tee almost a year ago, it was devastating.  I didn't realize what a workhorse that piece was until I didn't have it any more.  Searching for a replacement has been an adventure, but I finally settled on a classic from LL Bean.  The cotton is thick and high-quality.  The cut is perfect on my frame and I expect this will be a staple for many seasons to come.  Result: Kept.

[3]  I asked for a running jacket for Christmas because this workout thing has really gotten out of control.  DT picked this one up, also from LL Bean, and I'm psyched that he did.  Again, the material is top-notch, there's just enough stretch to it, and the thumbholes put it over the top.  The grey color is awesome because it matches all of my other workout stuff.  Result: Kept.

[4]  Yet another Christmas gift, these earrings are a welcome addition to my stud collection.  The pyramid shape is sort of edgy, sort of mod.  And yet the light pink color makes it girly and pretty.  They're simple and fun.  Result: Kept.  (Sold out, but similar options here and here.)

[5]  I didn't know I needed white booties until I saw these online and decided that they must be mine.  So I made them mine and then was disappointed.  They are SO CUTE in person.  The problem was that the second I put them on, I could tell they were going to be horribly uncomfortable.  And not the type of uncomfortable that you can break in, but the type that lasts forever.  Even though it pained me to do so, these had to go back from whence they came.  Result: Returned.  (Sold out, but similar here.)


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