For Your (Weekend) Consideration

I've been thinking about the concept of home lately.  DC has never felt like home to me.  It's always been the place where we were going to live for awhile.  But almost 6 years in, that description doesn't feel quite right any more.  

When I talk about going home for the holidays, or for vacation, or really for anything, it's about going to Boston, to New England, to my parents' house.  When that trip ends, it's always "back to DC".  

My best friend bought her wedding dress on Monday and I wasn't there.  When my dad was sick, I wasn't there.  There are countless birthdays, anniversaries, dinners that I miss because I'm not there. That is hard.

We have built this life for ourselves in DC though, and I appreciate that.  It's the place where I had my first apartment, where DT and I first lived together, where we've made great friends.  Life is good here.   Instead of feeling like I'm missing out, I have to treasure the experiences that I am having, wherever that is.

Here's how to take on the trolls.

As a former captain of my high school varsity basketball team (nbd), I love a story about an all-girls team kicking boys' asses.

The Wire in present-day Brooklyn.

Just in case you didn't already love Chris Pratt and Chris Evans.

This video made my day.


  1. There must be something in the blogger water for yours is not the first post today I've ready about not feeling "home" but choosing to bloom where currently planted. I love when you get personal and real on here. Have a wonderful weekend, and take a trip out to Maryland where my New England mom felt more at home than NoVA or DC <3

  2. Thanks, Allie. I'm making an effort to get more personal on here (I like it too!), but, as you know, it's scary! Thanks for the feedback though - that definitely makes it easier. I have good friends that just bought a house in Hyattsville, so I'll definitely be getting out there more often. Thanks again!



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