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[1]  I got a Frosty VoxBox from Influenster!  Maybe because it's winter?  There's nothing specifically "frosty" about said box.  They could just be hopping on the Frozen bandwagon, but who knows?  Anyway, it was full of goodies, such as:

[2]  Rimmel London Gentle Eye Make-up Remover - Make-up and I don't really get along, so I don't have a ton of use for make-up remover.  If I happen to find myself covered in bronzer and eyeshadow, baby oil will usually do me just fine.  This remover worked just as good as baby oil, but without being oily.  Also, mascara is the worst to take off.

[3]  Fruit Vines Bites - I grew up on Twizzlers.  My mom had a thing for them.  We were a Twizzlers family, not a Red Vines family.  I gave these mini bites a shot anyway and they got me through quite a few 3pm slumps at the office.  Sweet, sticky, and terrible for my teeth - exactly what candy should be.

[4] NYC Expert Last Lipstick in Sugar Plum - This lip color is good.  It goes on smoothly, doesn't dry out my lips, and lasts for awhile.  The only disappointing thing about it was that the color had shimmer to it, which I sort of hate.  I'm working on it.

[5]  Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Eyeliner Pencil - Rimmel has been my eyeliner of choice for about a decade now.  I love the kohl, the color, and how easy it is to apply without repeatedly stabbing myself in the eye.  Naturally, I was psyched with this product.

[6]  Celestial Seasonings Green Tea in Candy Cane Lane - Truth be told, I haven't drank this yet, but it is sitting in my desk at work ready to go any time.  I try and drink a cup of green tea every day, but the whole candy cane thing freaks me out a little.  Should I just be expecting peppermint?  

[7]  Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Serum - My skin definitely feels softer after using this for a few nights.  I'm at the age where I should probably be using anti-aging stuff too.  No complaints.

[8]  EcoTools Sleek & Shine Finisher Hairbrush - My mom and I joke whenever we go somewhere on vacation together because neither of us ever pack a hairbrush.  We're not really brushers.  That said, I do try to run a brush through my hair after I get out of the shower so that it doesn't dry in a completely messed up way.  While I like the feel of this brush, the bristles are a bit too soft for my hair and I have to do a few strokes to get it all the way through.

[9]  McCormick Gourmet Thyme - What can I say?  It's thyme.  It's delicious.  I throw it in lots of dishes.  The other night, I made yogurt sauce to go on top of my carrot ginger soup.  A little honey, some black pepper, and this thyme made it the perfect addition.  Can't go wrong here.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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