Four on Thursday

So tired.  Need weekend.

Clockwise from Top Left:

1 // January is the best month to buy coats.  The past few years, I've done that with J. Crew and have gotten $350+ coats for way less than $100.  Stores want to move inventory to make room for all the spring goodies (spring!), so you can get some amazing deals, like this pea coat.  I like it in a classic navy, but it comes in several other colors.  How I've gone this long without a navy pea coat is beyond me.

2 //  Obsessed.  I really have no occasion to ever wear a dress like this, but I can't stop thinking about it.  Long sleeves.  Plunging neckline.  Midi length.  White.  It's so, so good.  Would anyone like to go somewhere fancy with me so I can have an excuse to wear this?

3 //  I know nothing about Lookbook Store and have no idea if they are trustworthy, but this chunky grey sweater-coat-looking thing is so cozy.  I want to wrap myself in this, build a fire, and read a book.  Does anyone have experience with Lookbook Store?  Fill me in!

4 //  The brown boot search continues.  These are a slightly darker shade of brown than I've been looking for, but I like everything else about them.  Give me a good, sturdy heel and back pull-tab any day.  The price is also ridiculous, so hop to it!


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