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Hello friends and family!  And internet strangers!  This is kind of my first real post in 2015, so let's go over some housekeeping things.

No, I did not get any outfit posts up this week.  The weather over the weekend was rainy and gross and freakishly warm.  I mostly wore yoga pants and sweaters the whole time.  You didn't need to see that.  That said, I do hope to be more consistent about getting up at least one outfit post a week.  Those are the types of posts that I have the most fun reading on other people's blogs and I'm here to please.

New Year's Resolutions are not really my thing.  Mine tend to be practical things, like this year's which include making an appointment to have a physical, getting a haircut, and getting my very first credit card.  I find that these types of goals are good for me because a) they're things I've been needing to do for awhile (hello, split ends), and b) it feels really good to cross them off my to-do list.

I've also got some high hopes for the blog, which include giving it a little makeover and being more active on social media.  The major obstacle there is that I want to do everything myself and learning how to code is not my strong suit.  Tutorials are my friend.

All that said, I rounded up all of my Christmas presents to myself.  Looking at this collage, it seems like sort of a lot of stuff, but sales were so good you guys. So good.

Recent Purchases

1 (sold out, similiar)// 2 // 3 (sold out, similar) // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

[1]  I bought this wrap dress by Michael Kors in navy when it went on sale and it was such a good purchase.  I've been looking for more "grown-up" dresses lately and this one fits the bill perfectly.  It's flattering, fits like a glove, and is one of my favorite colors. (Note: this dress is currently sold out, so I linked to a similar dress, also in navy.)  Result: Kept.

[2]  I'm in the market to add some simple shells to my wardrobe and hoped this black one would be an easy addition.  While there was nothing wrong with the top, the flounce was only on the front (and didn't continue around the back), which made for an odd proportion.  Also, there was ribbing around the neckline and armholes, which made it seem more casual than I wanted.  Result: Returned.

[3] Best buy ever?  With the cold weather coming in, I've needed to add some layers to my workout gear.  This pullover is it.  It's fleece-lined, has thumb holes and a great cinch turtleneck.  It's been the perfect topper when going to and from the yoga studio.  Unfortunately, it is currently sold out, so I've linked to a similar pullover.  Result: Kept.  

[4]  Speaking of workout clothes, I also needed to add some new tops to my rotation.  I snagged this colorblocked top on sale, thinking that with the white, navy, and grey, it would match everything.  And I was right,  This top has a looser fit, goes perfectly over a sports bra, and is a great addition.  Actually, I wore it to barre class on Monday night and was really happy with how it looked and fit during a class.  Result: Kept.

[5]  It may be super frigid right now, but it will eventually be bathing suit weather again or you'll be on vacation somewhere tropical and awesome in the near future, and when I think bathing suits, I think cover-ups.  Is is just me who likes to create an outfit around my bikini?  No?  Ok, good. Anyway, this gorgeous cover-up is full of bright, bold colors and has super high side slits so you get awesome movement from it, as well as a peek (ok, more than a peek) at the side of your bikini bottoms.  It's the best and I cannot wait until it is seasonally appropriate to wear.  Result: Kept.

[6]  How cute is this workout tank?  I love the color, the stripes, the funky back detail.  What I did not love was the fit.  I probably should've gone up a size, but I ordered a small and found it to be really tight, both in the bust (which came with removable cups for some reason) and the stomach area.  I would've felt self-conscious wearing this top and that's not what I'm going for.  Result: Returned.

[7]  This white top looked amazing online.  It had a simple shape, slightly longer sleeves, and a cute lace detail at the neckline.  When I received it, all these things were true and it had a cool, almost pebbled texture to it.  I really liked it... until I put it on.  The shirt was weirdly short on me.  It was somewhere in between where a crop top and a regular shirt would fall.  It reminded me of shirt lengths from middle school if that makes any sense.  Anyway, it looked odd enough on me that it was a dealbreaker.  A sad, sad dealbreaker.  Result: Returned.

[8]  This was also bought as a workout layering top, but honestly, it would easily work for weekend errands too.  It's a semi-sheer, super soft, cotton material that I might be wearing as I type this.  This top is just the most comfortable thing and it is a great way to sort of pull together your gym look if that makes any sense.  Result: Kept.

[9]  Why is good denim so hard to find?  It's this rare, elusive combination of a good wash, good cut, good fit, good length, good quality that is impossible to find.  This pair was ordered sort of on a whim.  Light wash ripped denim weren't exactly a staple I was missing... or were they?  I took these babies out of the package and starting cracking up immediately.  They were so small.  They looked like a child's jeans.  Imagining myself squeezing into them was not easy.  But hey, they're super-stretchy, right?  And damn straight, they were!  They're tight, but in all the right places and the hem hits right at the top of my ankle and they are so, so soft.  I've already worn them a few times and am looking forward to many more wears.  Result: Kept.


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