For Your (Weekend) Consideration

After being out almost every night this week, I need a quiet Friday night in.  Plans are to make a fire, sit down for a home-cooked meal, and relaaaax.

And then of course things get crazy on Saturday with lots of plans.  

Have a great weekend!

So many things this week!

First, I have to talk about Charlie Hebdo and the horrific act that took place at its offices this week.  There are some stories that make my heart hurt and this is one of them.  Disagreements are natural and necessary, but when your response to a disagreement is murder, that is unacceptable.  It has been so powerful to see thousands of people gathering around the world to hold up pens and pencils in tribute.  Freedom of expression is a beautiful thing and one that we must always fight for and never take for granted.  

These cartoons drawn after the massacre are heartbreaking.

The Oatmeal's timely take on religion.

In happier news, you can now relive your childhood by playing Oregon Trail (and so many other games) online!  I would like to point out that I made it, first try.

In entertainment news, Ab Fab is getting a movie.  Praise Jesus.

Craig's List's Missed Connections has given us mocking material for years.  Until a psychopath disguised as Prince Charming strikes.  What is wrong with people?

231 abortion restrictions have been enacted in the past 4 years.

As you know unless you live under a rock (no judgment), Joan Didion is the newest face of Celine and of course it's baller as hell.  Side note: I (embarrassingly) just read my first Joan Didion this past week and fell in love with it, need to read more immediately, and am appalled that I hadn't read her works before.  Review coming next week.

Men are asked inane questions on the red carpet.  Results are awesome.  My favorite?  "This feels invasive!"  Welcome to being a woman.

Game of Thrones is coming to IMAX.  This is awesome news for superfans who will get a look at the new season's trailer, but it's also really interesting in terms of marketing television shows and the future of media platforms.

Women have more rights than ever, yet we're still far from having gender equality.  How long will that last?

I love this article about maturity in sports.  Do people not realize that they're watching boys in costumes playing a game?

Scarlett Johansson doesn't strike me as Japanese.

Who elects these people?  And thank you to this local newspaper for being awesome.

DT and I watched Black Mirror recently and besides enjoying it immensely, which we did, it brought up some really interesting conversations on topics like technology, surveillance, and media.  This article has a good take on Black Mirror's legacy and it's message.

Finally, and only because I love you, here are some lunkheads arguing over how many days are in a week.  I can't comprehend how these people function on a daily basis with so little brain power.


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