Four on Thursday

Why is it that some weeks seem longer than others and everyone feels the same way?  Both my mom and my friend commented to me how this week has been the longest ever.  Time is weird.

Things are pretty great around these parts.  I've been getting to the mat or the barre fairly often, I'm getting a haircut tomorrow (cross that off the resolution list!), and DT and I just booked a vacation that I cannot wait to take.  In just under a month we'll be on a beach, sipping on something delicious and with fresh pineapple juice in it.

Clockwise from Top Left:

1 //  A long-sleeved white shift dress is something that should obviously be in my closet, but for unknown reasons, is not.  It's simple, chic, and perfect for almost any occasion (don't be wearing this to a wedding).  The insert necklace is a nice detail.

2 //  Winter's here kiddos, and it's not going anywhere for awhile.  Naturally, you should invest in a sick hat like this faux fur Russian style.  Wear this out, drink vodka, and yell "Nostrovia!" as much as possible.  Oh, the things we do to stay warm.

3 //  Midi dresses have grown on me.  It's probably something about getting older and wanting to eliminate the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction, but the longer lengths just seem more flattering to me lately.  This is a great weekend dress that is easy to throw on and go.  Also in black.

4 //  Bucket bags are the new it bag, but we can't all drop serious cash on a Mansur Gavriel version.  Forever 21 comes in with the winner, this faux leather bag complete with tassels and an absurdly awesome price.  Get the style without the huge price tag.  Also in black and a gorgeous cream color.


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