Tunic: J. Crew Factory (old, current version); Hat: Target; Shades: Ray Ban

Last weekend, DT and I were lucky enough to be invited to a vacation house for an extra long weekend.  It's good to have friends (who have co-workers) who are generous with their second homes.

Our pool opening has been delayed (don't get me started), so this was really the first time this summer that we'd spent time enjoying the sun and the water.  

Damn, it felt good.

It was such an easy weekend.  Every morning, we'd make (actually, DT and I were made, we were super spoiled all weekend) a delicious breakfast, which we'd leisurely eat outside on the patio.  Lots of fresh fruit, pancakes, bacon, eggs, the works.  

After that we'd get ready to head either to the beach or the pool.  We spent our first and last days at the pool, which was surprisingly quiet.  One day we went to the bay beach in the resort community, which was a little strip of sand with a dock and some jetties.  Again, not crowded and perfect for spending a windy day.  Finally, we packed up one morning and made the twenty minute drive to Rehoboth for the day.  For a Monday, it was packed, but we found our spot and stayed until we were some of the last people on the beach, which is always my favorite.  

The whole time was just filled with sunshine and good food, laughter and great friends.  It was pretty perfect.

Looking forward to an entire summer filled with lots of the same!


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