Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases
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LOFT had a ridiculous sale awhile back where everything was an extra 60% off, which means that clothing was essentially free.  I did some damage.  

[1] Beach Linen Drawstring Pants - When we went to Delaware the other weekend, I think I wore these every single day.  They are the most comfortable pants ever.  From the pool to the beach to just hanging around the house, these rarely came off my body.  And so of course, they are sold Out, but the Jumpsuit and Skirt  versions are still available. Result: Kept.

[2] Marled Knit Bateau Sweater - For cold weather, I have 4 or 5 gray sweaters that I rotate.  But I didn't have a summer-weight one, so that had to be remedied.  This is a really light material, slightly sheer, with a longer hem in the back.  It's wonderful.  Result: Kept.

[3] Striped Weekender Handbag - After that big hoopla that was my first Needful Things post, I ended up going totally off-script and buying something that I hadn't eve considered.  The conclusion that I came to was that I really want one of the nicer (aka more $$$) bags, so I need some time to save up for it.  In the meantime, I still needed a weekender for this summer, and Target came to the rescue.  This bag was on sale (not currently, but give it a week or two), striped, looked big enough, and had both handles and a crossbody strap.  It was a great bag and will definitely be on standby for all my upcoming trips.  Result: Kept.

[4] Geo Mix Eyelet Tee - Navy blue and eyelet should be a stellar combination.  I went back and forth on this top for a few days because I wasn't sure how to style it without it looking too twee.  Luckily, I think I figured it out and decided to give it a go.  It's a quintessential summer top after all.  Result: Kept.

[5] Solid Panama Hat with Bow Sash - I needed a summer hat.  It's as simple as that.  White hat, black band, sold.  Did I mention it's under $15?  Result: Kept.

[6] Lou & Grey Meshline Sweater - Oooh, this sweater.  As I explained to DT, I have a white summer sweater that is sheer in the back, but I didn't have one that was sheer in the front.  It's just science.  This is the perfect topper for the beach on a breezy day or over a tank for a night out.  I've been wearing this one pretty constantly.  Result: Kept.

[7] Geo Eyelet Sweatshirt - I struggled with this top.  I wanted it to work, but the cut was just too boxy for my shape.  Also, the sweatshirt material was an odd choice.  Is it for hot days or cold ones?  Ultimately, this sweatshirt couldn't make up its mind.  Result: Returned.

[8] Lace Sleeve Tee - Will I ever learn?  Slub knit is not for me.  While the lace sleeves on this top were pretty, they were an odd length.  That combined with the slub knit of the body of the shirt was just not going to work.  Result: Returned.

[9] Geo Eyelet Skirt - Things that I'm trying: longer lengths and fuller skirts.  This has both.  The eyelet pattern scream summer and it's just one of the prettiest items of clothing that I own.  I'm still figuring out how to style it, because "ladylike" isn't usually my look, but I'll make it work.  Result: Kept.

[10] Long Jacquard Pencil Skirt - This is in no way a summer skirt.  It's a thicker material with a snugger fit, but I could not be more excited to wear this in the fall and winter.  I love the longer length, the back slit, and the fit.  I wouldn't be surprised if this became my go-to black skirt.  Result: Kept.


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