Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases
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[1] Aerie Retro Halter Bikini Top - Aerie had a Buy One, Get One deal recently, so I scooped up a couple bathing suits.  Tops and bottoms are mix and match, which is my favorite as my top is bigger than my bottom.  This retro halter style is supportive and really cute.  I like the floral pattern and could move around in this easily without any fear of wardrobe malfunctions. Result: Kept.

[2] Aerie Bikini Bottom - I picked this simple bottom in the same lavender color as the retro halter top.  It's comfy and has good coverage, so I can't complain.  It's a good color that will go with lots of my other tops, too. Result: Kept.

[3] Zella Live-in Space Dye Pop Leggings - When Zella leggings go on sale, I buy them.  No thinking necessary.  This space-dyed pair is the same great fit and cut as my standby Live-In leggings in black.  They're everything I want in a workout legging.  Result: Kept.

[4] One Clothing Floral Print Surplice Romper - Rompers might just not be for me.  This one gave me Mom Butt.  And not in a cool '80s way.  Also, the surplice top was too revealing.  It was returned to sender.  Result: Returned.

[5] Aerie Bikini Bottom - Silly me, I thought this bottom was just plain white, when it was actually crocheted.  Plain white would've gone with everything, but the crochet netting made it not.  Just not my thing.  Result: Returned.

[6] Aerie Charley Bikini Top - Even though Aerie does its sizing by bra size (choose your cup and band), this top was too small for me and I was experiencing the dreaded underboob.  Even though the pattern was really cute, it had to go. Result: Returned.

[7] Zella Live-in Contour Leggings - This is the first time that Zella has disappointed me.  And it had nothing to do with the quality or the material.  The "contour" pattern on these leggings just didn't work for me.  I felt a little too exposed, like, "hey, check out my womanly curves over here!"  Result: Returned.

[8] Stem Ruched Racerback Tank Dress - Easy summer dresses should be just that, easy.  I thought this dress would be, but the side rucheing made it too tight for my liking.  I should learn from my mistakes and stay away from the ruche.  Result: Returned.


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