For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Big weekend coming up.  DT has his high school best friend in town and staying with us.  He also has a friend he studied in Austria with who is visiting DC from Cairo, so we'll get together with her too.

We're headed to the Miami Horror show at UHall tonight, which should be a dance-filled, sweaty good time.  We're also celebrating a friend's 30th birthday tomorrow on H Street.  And I'm sure the rest of our time will be filled up with other fun stuff.  

I already need a nap to recover.

Westport, Summer 2008

More and more women are choosing not to have children.  Does that make them selfish?  Hint: no.

I often have meatless days by choice, but soon we all may be forced to forgo the meat.

In soccer related things, here's everything you need to know about every World Cup Team. PS.  The US made the knock-out stage and play on Monday night.  Watch!  Also, an amazing read about the most iconic soccer photo ever taken and how it almost didn't happen.  I remember watching that game and being so excited, so in awe of those women.  And that ending was just spectacular.

The Bro is dead.

How the cultural icon Lolita killed the literary Lolita.

The president of NARAL is pregnant and pro-lifers don't get it.   Best line?  "What don't you get about choice meaning choice?"

The formula for the perfect salad, every time.

Wednesday night's shooting in Charleston was horrendous, as every mass shooting is.  Rather than focusing on my anger towards the situation, let's focus on the victims and remembering them.

LL Bean is having an up to 60% off sale.  And Zara is having one of their semi-annual sales as well.


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