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When Banana Republic has a whole bunch of their new fall collection (and some of their summer stock) on sale, and then offers an extra 60% off, you (I) buy it all.

Recent Purchases
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[1] Sloan-Fit Vented Pencil Skirt - This skirt is great.  I love the color, the fit is perfect, and the vent is a great touch.  All that said, I just don't need it.  Back it goes.  Result: Returned.

[2] Ninah Pump - Shoes with a higher than 3" heel?  Nope, not for me.  And yet somehow, this pair is incredibly comfortable.  I need to have to toebox stretched a smidge, but these babies are keepers.  The slightly pebbled leather is gorrrgeous!  Result: Kept.

[3] Drapey Pant - I wanted to be the type of cool city girl who wears this type of pants with pumps and a blazer, running around town from meeting to meeting.  Alas, I am not.  Result: Returned.

[4] Drapey Tie-Front Pant - These were actually much cuter than the olive drapey pants (what a difference a belt makes!), but ultimately, I knew these wouldn't get the amount of wear that I wanted from them.  Result: Returned.

[5] Boyfriend Shirt - A boyfriend shirt should be oversized, no?  This shirt was just barely large on me.  Bigger boyfriend!  Result: Returned.

[6] Sloan-Fit Burgundy Pencil Skirt - Again, just like the earlier pencil skirt, everything about this is good.  Great even.  But I don't need need it.  Trying to be more deliberate with wardrobe building is hard, you guys!  Result: Returned.

[7] GapFit Racerback Mesh Panel Tank - This tank was great except that I assumed it would come with some sort of built-in bra and it did not.  Support was needed.  Result: Returned.

[8] Ikat Patio Dress - Best dress ever.  I cannot wait for next spring/summer to pull this out and wear it everywhere.  Seriously, you're going to be so sick of seeing me in it.  Result: Kept.

[9] BR Monogram Ribbed Sweater Tunic - I'm undecided on this one.  As in, I keep putting it on and making different outfit combinations and not being able to decide if they work or not.  But I want them to work.  Result: TBD.


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