Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases
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[1] Halogen Cotton Blend Duster Cardigan - The last time that dusters were cool I was a freshman? sophomore? in high school.  I had a super sweet grey ribbed one.  I loved that thing.  And now they're back!  I ordered this one from Nordstrom because it went on sale and I'm a sucker.  After a long internal debate, this duster returned from whence it came.  Buttoned it looked absurd and unbuttoned, there was too much length happening.  I hope someone out there has better luck.  Result: Returned.

[2] Halogen Open Front V-Neck Topper - So chic.  And yet.  I didn't like the material or the weight of it or the way it fell.  I ordered both an extra small and a small and thought they were both too big.  Even though I wanted these to work, they didn't.  Result: Returned.

[3] Halogen Shawl Collar Vest - This was easy.  Go on sale.  Purchase.  Yes, in both black and white.  Try on as a courtesy.  Hang in closet.  Result: Kept.

[4] Banana Republic Woven Beach Blanket - I've been obsessed with Turkish towels.  I bought some for the kitchen and have been looking for a beach towel/blanket version for a reasonable price.  When I saw this on, I hopped on it.  While the colors are beautiful and the stripes are ideal, the material just didn't work for me.  It was too thin and not absorbent enough.  Back to the drawing board!  Result: Returned.

[5] Athleta Wide Brim Felt Fedora - Fall hats are the best.  They're simple and chic and give you that whole '70s vibe without trying too hard.  Unfortunately, this hat was a bit too unstructured for my taste.  It flopped too much, which I realize may be what you're looking for in a floppy hat.  I need something with a bit more structure.  Result: Returned.

[6] Banana Republic New Essential Vee - My old white v-neck tee was wonderful.  It cost about $6 from Forever 21, was a super soft cotton, and lasted forever... until I stained it with I don't even know what.  This tee from BR isn't perfect.  The material has a bit too much stretch for my taste, but for $14 (wait for a sale or coupon code!), it's a good replacement for the time being.  Result: Kept.

[7] Stem Strappy V Neck Maxi Dress - It's a simple black maxi.  I somehow didn't have one.  Now I do.  I wore it this past weekend and got so many compliments.  Life is good.  Result: Kept.

[8] Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer - Considering I'm wearing this blazer as I type this, I think you can pretty quickly determine that this was a winner for me.  After my Needful Things: White Blazer edition, I was keeping an eye on this blazer and when it went on sale for $44, I had to snap it up.  I ordered both the XSmall and the Small, knowing the fit would be larger than normal.  I ended up going with the XSmall as it was more flattering.  The fit is slightly boxy, so I'll probably have it nipped in at the waist, but other than that, it's a great addition to my closet. Result: Kept.

[9] Old Navy Striped Tunic - This just did not work.  Maybe because I ordered it in a medium.  Unclear.  It was too short to be a cover-up, but really too long to work as a top.  Result: Returned.


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