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All The Birds, Singing by Evie Wyld - This was a beautiful read.  It reminded me of A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing.  Jake is living on a sheep farm on a remote British island, but is being terrorized by someone or something that is killing her sheep.  On top of that, Jake's past feels like it is catching up with her.  Wyld chooses to tell Jake's story working backwards, so that we don't find out what exactly it is she is running from until the very end of the book.  Beautifully written, All The Birds, Singing had me captivated from the start.

The First Bad Man by Miranda July - The First Bad Man was so odd, so quirky, and so funny that I found myself shaking my head or laughing out loud a number of times.  Cheryl is a strange woman, oppressed by anxiety.  She works for a company that creates self-defense videos and workouts.  When her bosses ask if their grown daughter Clee can move in with her for a short time, Cheryl acquiesces. Clee moves in and completely disrupts Cheryl's incredibly organized life.   On top of that, Cheryl has begun going to therapy and has become obsessed with a board member, Philip, who himself is in love with a teenage girl.  The entire book is filled with odd situations, each more absurd than the last.  I loved every minute of it,

The Capital of Latecomers by Nina Nenova - I'm still in the beginning third of this book and am not really sure what is going on.  Maybe it's a translation issue?  From what I've gathered so far, Rhein is an artist who has moved to a commune for a year.  The commune is filled with private villas, each home to a wealthy eccentric person.  The entire facility appears to have been built on top of a system of caves, potentially the former home to a group known as the Remorites.  Rhein and some of the other people living in the commune are searching for proof of the Remorite's existence.  Not quite sure where this is going yet, but it's enjoyable enough so far.


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