For Your (Weekend) Consideration

So what's new?

Me?  Hmm, not that much.  I turned 30, had 2 amazing birthday parties, watched my best friend marry the nicest dude in the world, and plan on sleeping this entire upcoming weekend away.

You know, the usual.

NE DC, August 2015

It's Hocus Pocus season!  I'm sure, like me, you know the original by heart, so I present to you:  the trap version.

The first legal abortion providers tell their stories.

Hitha's green fried rice sounds insanely delicious.

Visual proof of why I hate what smartphones have turned us into.

A responsible gun-owner destroys his gun.

Someone please invite me to a gala so I can wear this bad-ass dress.

Oklahoma declares war on obesity.

My buddy was featured in Esquire this week, but not in the way you might expect.

Helena always looks chic as hell, but this outfit is truly wonderful.


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