For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Hi!  Happy Friday!  And Halloween weekend!

No dressing up (in costume at least) for me this year as we're headed to our final wedding of the year!

But in honor of the holiday, I thought I'd share a few costumes of mine from years past.  Actually, some of these aren't even from Halloweens.  I just really, really like dressing up.

Army Chick for Senior Year Halloween.  College was a simpler time.

Flapper for NYE.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  Couples costumes are the worst.

Peacocking for my first DC Halloween.

Pebbles for Senior Year Halloween.  Spiderman ripped his (child-sized) costume a bit.

Senior Year Pirate Party.  Did the solo cup and 40 not tip you off that this was college?

And a few links to get your through your Friday:

REI is awesome and is closing its stores for Black Friday, encouraging people to get outside.

This long sleeve maxi dress.  Swoon.

A hard-to-read essay over on Deadspin.

Tom from Jeopardy reminds me of sex idiots from 30 Rock.  Then again, I can relate almost anything back to 30 Rock.

40 years ago, women in Iceland took a day off.  A day off from working, cooking, cleaning, and child care.  can we please do this?

And one more, just because it's my favorite of all time:

My brother and I being adorable.


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