For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Finally, after 3 weeks of travel, I've got a weekend here in DC.  And it's going to hurricane!

I'm taking that as a good thing because it means I can hole up in my apartment, finally do my closet switchover, and catch up on some serious Netflix.  Yay for being lazy!

Pinehurst, NC, Fall 2013

If you haven't already ordered your Duck boots, you're probably out of luck.  Here's why.  (Hint: super high quality.)

Senator Warren, kicking ass and taking names.

A friend and I were lamenting this week about all the weddings we've already been invited to in 2016 (I think I'm up to 6 at this point).  Weddings are the best, but the cost and travel and time all adds up.  This 29-year-old gets it.

Just because, here are a million pictures of Tim Riggins.

This story is heart-breaking.  After her rape, a girl was encouraged by the police to report the crime, only to then be charged with filing a false report.  And that's hardly the worst of it.

The incredible story of a Boston doctor who treats homeless patients and the unusual problems that they face.

Planned Parenthood was all over the news this week.  This is my favorite article. #StandWithPP

This article on the true meaning of "gender neutral" struck me.  Why do we behave as if "feminine" things are weak or inferior.

San Francisco just voted to hopefully fund a memorial to the comfort women of WWII.  Unfortunately, Japan has some revisionist history regarding that issue and many others.

Finally, there are no women hosting late-night shows.  What's up with that?  Here are 37 women on whether they'd like to host or not.  My biggest takeaway is that the ones who do want to host want to do it in a new and unique format.  


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