For Your (Weekend) Consideration

This post from Garance about how bodies become "trendy" is so good.  There's nothing wrong with your body, you might just be in the wrong decade!

A reporter had to be protected by the Secret Service after Trump called her our personally at a rally.  I repeat, a reporter had to be protected from a presidential candidate and his supporters by the Secret Service.  There's something very, very wrong here.

As if I needed another reason to shop at Patagonia, their explanation for why on-site child care pays for itself should be read by every company.

Did you watch and love Stranger Things?  I know I did.  Fill the void you feel after finishing it by taking this quiz to determine which character you are.  I got Dustin, which makes me irrationally happy.

I'm aware it's August, but if this is the year you decide you need Bean boots, order them now.  Seriously.  They will go out of stock and be on backorder for months.  You'll thank me later.


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