Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases

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Asos Off Shoulder Mini Dress - This was cute.  It was a mini length and not sheer at all.  Good for summer.  However, I just don't think the off the shoulder thing is for me.  Result: Returned. (Sold out in black, but available in red, yellow, blue, green, and white.)

Asos Strappy Maxi Dress -  It took me awhile, but I'm 100% on the maxi train.  They're my new favorites.  Casual or dressy, they can do it all.  This navy one is a perfect addition to my closet.  I've been wearing it weekly.  The double strap is a nice, unexpected touch.  Result: Kept.

Halogen Lace-up Side Cotton Rib Knit Sweater - You've already seen me in it, so it should come as no surprise that this was a winner.  Thick material, a gorgeous (but not ostentatious) detail, and my favorite color.  Duh.  Result: Kept. (Sold out.)

Monki Frill Detail Bandeau Bikini Top - I don't know why I keep trying to make the frill happen.  It's not for me.  That said, this was also really see-through as in you could very much tell the difference from the material to the cups.  I don't want to know what would have happened if this got wet.  Result: Returned.

Vitamin A Neutra Bandeau Bikini Top - I bought this in white, hoping for the best and while the material was thick, not see-through, and really nice, the cut-outs in the middle simply were not flattering.  It was weird cleavage and inner side boob.  Not what I was going for.  Result: Returned. (Sold out.)

Oasis Tropical Floral Bikini Top - This was outside of my usual color scheme, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  The fabric was thick and felt nice to the touch.  Unfortunately, it ran a little bit big on me and therefore, didn't offer the support that I need.  Result: Returned.

Rhythm Bandeau Bikini Top - This should have been the simple black bandeau top of my dreams.  And it was.  Until I put it on and noticed the super weird rucheing that was going on.  It drew attention to all the wrong spots and was really unflattering.  Keep it simple, stupid.  Result: Returned.


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