Recent Purchases

Instead of the usual Weekly Wishlist, I'll be spending the next few Thursdays catching you up on my recent purchases because, well, I've been shopping.  Everyone is having sales on sales and I've been grabbing summer stuff and stocking up for the fall/winter.  By keeping track of my spending, I know that July is always a big shopping month, so now you get to see all the damage I've been doing!

On top of all that, I'm getting married soon, so that means I've been buying lots of white.  I swear, some of it isn't even conscious.  And yet, here we are.

Recent Purchases

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New Look Broderie Cami & Short - I decided to up my pajama game recently.  Ratty t-shirts and shorts with words on the butt are no longer ok.  I am thirty after all.  This pretty set has broderie trim and is just very sweet.  The cotton is nice and breathable, so this has been a good sleep set for the summer.  My one complaint is that there isn't any stretch to it.  Result: Kept.

Asos Ruched Bodice Maxi Dress with Embellished Waist - When you're getting married, but don't want a wedding dress, that means you buy many, many dresses to try on at home.  No, just me?  Well, this was a lot of dress.  It was heavy, with lots of layers and that embellished waist.  Very pretty, but too much for me.  Result: Returned.

Keepsake White Shadows Halter Neck Dress - This dress is so pretty!  Halters are usually a good shape on me and I hoped this might be good for the ceremony.  However, it was super difficult to get on and then it just kind of hung there.  Shapeless and unflattering.  Result: Returned.

Asos Fringed Beach Kimono - Talk about an impulse purchase.  I don't own a kimono, let alone a beach kimono, but apparently I thought, "hey, why not?"  This was fine.  It was sheer and breezy and the fringe was kinda fun, but ultimately, it wasn't for me.  Result: Returned. (Out of stock in white, but available in black.)

Warehouse Premium Mesh Lace Pencil Dress - Oooh, I really, really liked this dress.  It fit like a glove, the material was thick and luxe, and it really hugged my body in the most perfect way.  Even with all that going for it, it wasn't my style and I couldn't figure out where I would ever wear it.  Result: Reluctantly Returned.  

Oasis Pleat Asymmetric Hem Midi Dress - This is a cool shape.  Sort of a high halter neckline, with a pleated skirt and a midi length.  It's a bit sweeter than my usual taste, but I love how it moves.  It's more of a cream shade, which I also like.  Spoiler: It's likely going to be my ceremony dress.  Result: Kept.


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