Currently Reading: The Marriage Plot

I just started the latest Jeffrey Eugenides novel this week and well, it's not Middlesex.  It seems as if it were written by a totally different person.  The style of the story is similar in some sense, perhaps a character trying to find themselves in a confusing world.  So far, I am enjoying it, mostly because it is about a college senior who is an English major.  It forcibly brings me back to my days of Derrida and Barthes, which seem so long ago it's a bit daunting.  I find kinship with the protagonist and her difficulty with understanding semiotics (we called it critical theory), and then her elation at finally "getting it".  But did any of us really get it?  I'm only about a third of the way in, but it seems like a novel I will question and enjoy.  What are you reading lately?


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