Four on Thursday

Thursdays before a long weekend; its either heaven or torture.  Yesterday seemed to drag on foreverrrrr, so hopefully today will not do the same.  Super super pumped for the official start to summer with this glorious Memorial Day weekend.  Our pool opens up on Saturday, so I plan to spend some quality time there swimming, basking in the sun (with SPF 60 to protect my ghostly pale skin), and enjoying some cocktails.  Other than that, my only other plans are a birthday brunch on Sunday at Scion (augh, the trek all the way to Dupont).  Tonight I am headed to my inaugural class at Biker Barre where I hope to get my ass sufficiently kicked into shape in anticipation of pool season.  Frankly, I'm terrified.  I was trying to get my clothes together this morning and discovered that I don't have a gym bag, which makes complete sense as I have never been to a gym in my life.  Number One Goal Tonight:  Do Not Pass Out.  And with that, let's do this:

imago c/o

Cropped Buttoned Shawl Collar Blazer, $27.80 and Button Accent Shorts, $17.80, both in Coral Pink

Short suit!  Yes, technically this is two pieces, but I am allowed to cheat a little on my own blog.  Now, in real life, I could never wear this to work.  I mean, I cooould, and my boss would probably tell me how stylish I look because he's weird like that, but really, it just wouldn't be appropriate.  That said, I would totally rock each piece separately.  Blazer for work and social things, shorts just for social things.  The blazer is a great color and I am in dire need of a summery blazer.  Plus the shorts are adorable, tailored for a more polished look, and perfect for a fancy-ish brunch.

image c/o

Cece Leather Ballet Flats in Gallery Green, on sale $99.99

J. Crew is having a massive sale right now with 30% off sale items (with code LOVEIT), which means that these puppies are only $70.  Now that is generally more than I like to spend on a pair of flats, but these are great quality, will last a long time, and the color is really fun.  You know my difficulty with finding reasonably priced flats, and these may be the solution to my problems.  Thank god for sales and extra discounts.

image c/o

Bow to Stern Scarf in Sand Dots, 7.99

Always, always in need of a great, silk, summer scarf.  This scarf from ModCloth fits the bill for me because it is neutral enough to pair with most things, but the polka dots give it a fun flirtiness.  Wear it around your neck, tied to your tote, or as a headband at the beach.  Multi-functional and stylish.  And for that price?  No problem there.

image c/o

Seersucker Banded Halter Top, $29.99 and Bikini, $19.99

Yes, I know, it's 2 pieces again.  Don't you dare start calling this Six on Thursday.  Again, I tell you, sale at J. Crew.  Use code LOVEIT and this bathing suit in total, will cost you about $35.  I actually bought it yesterday in the neon peach color, but it also comes in blue and green, so you can mix and match depending on if they have your size.  A seersucker bikini is classic and preppy, plus it is very flattering material.  I've been searching for one for a few summers now, so here's hoping this one fits! 

Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend.  Hopefully, there will be many outfit posts up here next week and we can all go back to judging my personal style choices (myself included of course).


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