Wavy Gravy

Dress and Shades: Forever 21; Bag: Old Navy; Sandals: Go Jane; Hat: Flea Market

My Derby Day/Cinco de Mayo outfit.  The day was spent winning our soccer game, going to a housewarming/ Cinco de Mayo brunch (breakfast burritos, genius idea), drinking several mimosas, and then doing absolutely nothing at all.  Everyone called it quits after brunch, so DT and I went to my office to pick up our new speakers that he had gotten delivered.  Now we have a new fancy soundsystem.  I put it to good use on Sunday doing a major spring cleaning of the apartment.  My cleaning jams?  George Michael.  I know, it's totally weird, but my mom always listened to his Listen Without Prejudice album when she cleaned the house, and that has stuck with me.  Also, you try blasting Freedom 90 and not pretending you're one of the supermodels from the music video.  It cannot be done!


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