Four on Thursday

Damn, getting back into the swing of things is harder than anticipated.  Maybe that's because I've been all over the internets this week, joining Twitter (@Smartificial_) and Pinterest ( like a real blogger should!  Be warned however, I am still very much learning so don't expect anything tech-savvy quite yet. 

As for shopping this week, I did some damage at TJ Maxx, buying more amazing slim hangers, running shorts, and navy wedges.  I'm trying to shop smarter and only buy pieces that fit into my current wardrobe at a great price point.  Hence, this week's picks that are all from Land's End Canvas:


Amory Flat Espadrille Oxford in Bright Rose Coral, on clearance $23.97

Summer means wearing easy, comfortable shoes that I can do lots of walking or running around in.  These lace-up espadrille-oxford hybrids are a great option.  They are casual, but still cute.  I particularly love the woven bottom.  I'd pair these with chino shorts and a button-up for a relaxing Sunday. 

Fishing Net Sweater in Antique Olive, on clearance $41.97

You know I love me some summer sweaters and this one is no exception.  The open-weave is cool, but the sweater still has some weight to it to keep you warm on a breezy night by the water.  The olive color reminds me of military-inspired pieces.  Is that still a thing?


Flirty Linen Halter Dress, on clearance $59.97

Always on the lookout for a LWD, this one absolutely caught my eye.  The slightly longer length is more appropriate for fancy and/or parental events, but the halter keeps it a little sexy.  I am all for showing some skin in the summer, but keep it classy. 

Top and Bottom

Front-tie Sailboats Bikini, on sale $24.99 and $21.99

More sailboats!  The cut of this top would (hopefully) be flattering on my figure, plus I love the print and the white background.  The side-ties on the bottom are very cute too, and adjustable bottoms are a huge plus.  And you really can't beat the price. 

Bonus!  Get an extra 20% off all clearance with the promo code BANNER and pin number 2323 - but its only good through the end of the day!


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