Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Sweater: J. Crew Factory; Shorts (similar) and Bangles (similar): Forever 21; Necklace: Eastern Market (similar); Bag: Kate Spade (similar); Shoes: Sperry

Friday was a sad day.  My favorite radio station, the one I grew up with, went off the air.  It was recently bought out by Clear Channel and is going country or top 40, or something equally terrible.

My mom loves to drive and I have so many memories of sitting in the backseat, just running errands or going to the beach, listening to WFNX.  The first alternative radio station on the East Coast; it wasn't just a radio station, it was a statement.  They were open to all different types of sounds, lifestyles, people.  If you made good music, it would be played.  They did Jazz Brunch on Sunday mornings, my parents sipping tea at the kitchen table, still in pajamas, reading the Sunday Globe.

Friday, I listened to it streaming all day at work.  By a stroke of luck, I was the only one in the office and could blast it as loud as I wanted.  The DJs came on, they told amazing stories of all that FNX had given them, and different experiences they had had because of the station.  And then they played whatever the hell they wanted to.

It's hard to put music into words and to describe how much FNX means to me.  Friday was a sad day, but one filled with happy memories.  I wish them the best of luck in all their new endeavors.   


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