Chambray: LL Bean; Skirt: H&M; Watch: Tissot (similar); Sandals: Jack Rogers; Shades: Ray-Ban; Nail Polish: Revlon Stiletto Red and Zoya (fingers) and Forever 21 Lilac (toes)

Hi!  Quick weekend recap:

Friday night: Birthday celebrations for one of DT's coworkers.  Drinks at Cleveland Park Bar and Grill.  Dinner at Medium Rare (so effing delicious, the best sauce I've ever had on a steak ever).  Drinks and shuffleboard at Atomic.  Also, weird couple there both reading what looked like medical text books at midnight on a Friday, drank one beer each, didn't speak to each other, and then left.  People are weird.

Saturday:  Guest appearance on the Spice Girls soccer team.  Win!  Subs from A. Litteri's.  Have you been?  It looks like nothing from the outside, but inside is the greatest selection of wines, olive oils, pastas, cheeses, meats.  And the best subs you'll ever eat.  That cost like $4.  Pool break.  Drinks at Big Hunt.  Dancing and debauchery Bastille Day style at Bistrot du Coin

Sunday:  Failed trip to Annapolis (let's just say our ride became inconvenient).  Brunch at Lola's instead, followed by seeing Moonrise Kingdom (see it right now if you haven't, it is truly wonderful) and some touristing through the gardens surrounding the Mall.   


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