Four on Thursday

Hi friends!  My stomach bug seems to have run its course, so I am back in action.  Things I did while I was feeling gross?  Watched In Time.  Don't do it.  Huge waste of time (heh, get it?) in my opinion.  Most annoying?  Amanda Seyfried runs around in 5+ inch heels the entire movie.  No one can outrun Cillian Murphy while wearing heels that high, it's just science.  Other than that, I tracked down about 100 new recipes that I am looking forward to trying out.  Would you guys be interested in hearing all about my lack of cooking skills?  I sure hope so!  For today, let's keep things clothing-related:


Old Navy Ruffle-Trim Tie Belt Dress in Red Polka Dot, $29.94

Perfect. Picnic. Dress.  There, I said it.  Is this dress not perfect for an afternoon of perusing the farmer's market, buying delicious things, and then eating them out of a wicker basket by the water somewhere?  The correct answer is "Yes, that's precisely what it was made for". 


Zara Frayed Blazer with Zip, on sale $49.99

Jackie.  Audrey.  Erin?  I love the look of a Chanel-esque blazer, but dressed down with skinny jeans and flats.  This one from Zara is a great color with some amazing detailing, plus a great price.  I may be investing in this piece today.


Necessary Clothing Cupcake Shorts in Green, $28.99

Scalloped shorts have become my latest obsession.  After seeing these Lilly Pulitzer ones floating around, I've been seriously lusting after some.  This brand is new to me, but they have lots of great choices that are on trend, and are very reasonably priced.   


Kiel James Patrick Cape Knot Hitch Bracelet, $38

New England is where I grew up, it's where I went to most of college, it's my home.  Kiel James Patrick makes the greatest bracelets, belts, ties, bags, etc. all in Rhode Island.  Each piece is handcrafted and of the highest quality.  If I can't actually be in New England right now, a bracelet like this is a nice reminder of what it means to be home. 


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