Currently Reading: How To Be a Woman

Feminism used to be a dirty word to me, like it still is to a lot of people.  I assumed it referred to man-hating trolls with hairy underarms, which was the worst thing I could imagine in high school (how would you get a boyfriend!?)  Then I went to college and actually started reading and learning about feminism and thought, hey, this isn't at all what I thought it was.  Caitlin Moran's book delves into that and more in a humorous, relatable way.  Her definition of a feminist comes down to two points: Do you have a vagina?  And do you want to be in charge of it?  Welcome to feminism, ladies.

Full of personal anecdotes, along with commentary on anything and everything from clothes to motherhood to gossip magazines, the book makes feminism accessible.  While I don't agree with all of her thoughts and opinions, she starts discussions that need to be had more often.  Some examples:  Bras (for), Brazilian waxes (against), and motherhood (arguments for and against).  Moran discusses female role models, the role of the media, body dysmorphia, falling in love, marriage, children, celebrities.  It's fairly all-encompassing.  She manages to do all this while keeping the reader laughing.  A book that makes you laugh and think?  Not too shabby.

The book is smart, it's funny, and it is thought-provoking about issues that all women should be concerned with.  Set against the backdrop of Moran's life as a music journalist (she spills drinks on Blur! She goes to a sex club with Lady Gaga!), it makes for an entertaining read.  Entertainment with a side of education.  Give it a go.

Side note: With the election coming up, women's rights have been a hot button issue.  Women need to be educated and aware of how we are being treated and if you don't like it, do something to help to change it.  These are our lives and our bodies, we should probably have a say in that.      


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