Reds and Yellows

Blazer: Forever 21; Shirt: J. Crew Factory (current version); Jeans: Old Navy (very old); Belt: Banana Republic (similar); Boots: Timberland; Bag: Vintage Dooney & Bourke; Necklace: H&M (from high school); Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick; Shades: Joan Collins

Exhausted is what I am this morning.  DT and I got invited last minute to go to the 9:30 Club last night for Passion Pit's show.  DT's friend H is the sister of one of the guys in the band Youngblood Hawke, and they were opening for PP.  Pretty amazing.  We swung by the newly opened Satellite Room first, which was a really cool space and had delicious food.  When we headed over to the show, I just assumed we were getting tickets, but we actually got all access passes.  I felt like Wayne and Garth - "we're not worthy"!  Like, backstage hang out in the green room with the band all access.  Cross that off the life to-do list.  DT had met the band earlier when he gave them a tour of the Capitol.  They were incredibly nice and welcoming to a couple of strangers hanging out with them.  For their set, we headed down to the floor.  I can't say enough good things about them.  Their songs are catchy and fun and their performance is just full of energy and exciting to watch.  I fully expect these guys to make it big.  Check them out.  Seriously.

We stuck around for Passion Pit because, duh.  I'm a big fan of their previous album, but not as much of the new stuff, but thought that they put on a great show.  Crowd favorites were definitely Sleepyhead and Little Secrets to close the show.  It was packed and the kids were super into it, dancing and singing along.  It made me realize how much I miss live music.  In high school and college, I went to tons of shows.  Small club venues, big stadiums, whatever, I just loved seeing bands live.  Since graduating though, its just something that has fallen by the wayside.  Last night made me nostalgic for the old days, being crammed into the middle of the floor, singing along with every word, scrambling to try and catch a drumstick.  So, new life goal: More concerts.     


  1. I have really enjoyed PPits new album, actually. It took me a few listens and it grows on me more every time I listen!
    Also, I neeeeed that blazer. How much did you pay because I'm willing to give you double (University TN fan here and that's a very hard shade of orange to find!)
    Your card will be in the mail tomorrow. I've had a difficult family illness this week and haven't been good for much, my apologies.


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