Four on Thursday

So sick of being sick.  This has been over a week now.  Any magical remedies anyone would like to share?  In other news, I fly home for Thanksgiving in three weeks.  I am in dire need of some family kitchen dance parties, biffle time, and obscene amounts of food.  On a related note, I should start working out immediately to counteract the effects.  I bought a deal to a yoga studio that I have yet to use, so I should probably get on that.  It's for "Hot Yoga" which is not as hot as Bikram yoga, but still pretty damn hot.  What does one wear to such an activity?  Clearly none of these things.


Express A-Line Ultimate Double Weave Mini Skirt in Guard Orange, on sale $19.99

I haven't shopped at Express in a hot minute, but when I saw this skirt, it made me rethink my Express hiatus.  Bonus points for being an extra 30% off for no apparent reason, so it ends up being $13.99 (before tax and shipping).  The color is amazing and I love a good A-line skirt, especially in a mini.  I picture this with tights, boots, and a cozy sweater.  


Marc by Marc Jacobs ID Jewels Bow Earrings, on sale $33.98

Bows.  Despite all my youthful rallying against it, my style has developed into a feminine one.  Bows and ribbons and pink, oh my!  These stud earrings are demure, ladylike, and fun.  I'd probably pair them with something tough, like a leather jacket to balance it all out.

J. Crew Factory Abstract Tweed Mini, on sale $39.99

More skirts.  I'm on a skirt kick lately.  Tweed, aka my favorite fall fabric, is huge and this skirt makes great use of it.  The pattern and colors are fun and funky, plus the length is my style.  Not a bad price either.  J. Crew rebranded their Factory store, but the styles and prices are essentially the same, except that shipping is now cheaper.  No complaints on that front.


J. Crew Top in Colorblock Stripe in Festival Green, on sale $39.99 (plus additional 30% off with code OURTREAT)

Ahh, stripes, I wish I could quit you.  Nope, never mind, I take that back.  I want nothing more than a closet full of you.  Colorblocking plus stripes, yes please.  This top is casual, but still looks pulled together.  Throw it on with jeans and flats and you're ready for a weekend brunch.  Pair it with a pencil skirt and pumps and you're off to the office.  Love it.  


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