Four on Thursday

Sorry for the radio silence lately.  I've had a nasty stomach bug all week and have mostly been curled up either on the couch or in bed, sustaining myself on a diet of bread and crackers.  Very exciting stuff.  Unfortunately, getting out and taking outfit pictures has not been high on my priority list.  I actually did make DT go out with me one afternoon, but he kept telling me I looked like a vampire due to the serious lack of color in my face.  Truth.  The pictures were horrendous.  So let's just stick with clothes today, and you'll see my face back up here soon enough.

Trouve Faux Leather Sleeve Tweed Jacket, $128

LOVE. THIS. JACKET.  Tweed + leather might be my favorite combination right now.  Ladylike with some edge.  I don't have to tell you that leather sleeves are an enormous trend right now, I'm sure you've seen it everywhere.  Now, all I need is for this to go on sale.  Fingers crossed!

Asos Skater Dress in Wide Stripe in Coral/Beige, $38.70

Fuller skirts have been my jam lately.  I love their movement aka twirlability and also how the look when paired with a fitted blazer.  Full skirt? Good.  Stripes? Good.  Under $40?  Great.

Anthropologie Sugar Coated Necklace, on sale $29.95

Need another statement necklace?  Probably not, but you want one, don't you?  This one has bright pastels (can a pastel be bright?) in lots of different colors so it will match almost anything, but also stand out on its own. 

Gap 1969 Oversized Pocket Jacket in Beige, on sale $28.99

Military jackets, love 'em or leave 'em?  I fall somewhere in the middle, but like the look of this one from Gap.  The oversize pockets give it some oomph and keep it casual.  This looks like a great weekend jacket to me.  It also comes in olive for about $5 more dollars if that's your thing.


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