Four on Thursday

Happy birthday to me! I'm 27 today.  It feels... the same as 26.  After 21, do they even really matter any more?  I forget how old I am all the time and actually have to think about it.  But I don't see getting older as a negative.  Quite the opposite in fact.  The older I get, the more comfortable I am in my skin, the more confident I am in myself, and the happier I am with my life.  It's also fun when people think I look about 22 and then I tell them my actual age.  Freckles come in handy like that.  

On to the clothes!   


Halogen Ponte Pencil Skirt in Grecian Geo Black/White Combo, on sale $34.90

There are so many great options for pencil skirts lately.  This one comes in a fun, graphic pattern that I haven't seen before.  Black and white keep it appropriate for the office, but still fun.  I'd pair this skirt with a bright green silk button up and some gold bangles.


Dolce Vita Damala Loafer in Mint, on sale $55

Sorry for the picture quality, but I had to include these loafers.  I have a different pair of Dolce Vita loafers (last seen here) and love them.  They are incredibly comfortable, but look chic and expensive.  This pair caught my eye because of the cute tassels and the bright color.  These can work for you all through the fall and then again in the spring.


Land's End Roll Sleeve 2 Pocket Henley Dress, on clearance $34.97

The shirtdress is my secret weapon.  Wake up late?  Shirtdress.  Can't seem to put an outfit together? Shirtdress.  Craving comfort but need to look polished? Shirtdress.  Land's End has a great selection of shirtdresses, but this one made the cut because of the plaid pattern and the tie waist.  Cute, flattering, and incredibly easy. 

Asos Metal Frame Clutch Bag in Ochre, on sale $18.47

What took me so long to decide to buy at Asos?  No idea, but I'm glad I did.  Recently, I just got a very similar bag in teal and I am obsessed with it.  It's great quality at an amazing price, and an easy way to add some color to your ensemble.This shade of yellow is not quite mustard, not quite sunshine, and a great shade for fall. 


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