Currently Reading: All the Beautiful Sinners

Last week, LitReactor had a list of three essential books in major genres that you should read, and I added a bunch of them to my reading list.  All the Beautiful Sinners was featured under the Crime/Noir/Thriller genre.  And it's living up to its reputation.

I started this book on Monday night, read about the first 30 pages, was seriously disturbed, and went to bed.  Nightmares ensued.  

The first chapter is incredibly graphic, detailed, and beautifully written.  Two children escape a van and take off running, even though they know that He will find them.  Spoiler: He does.

Jim Doe, local law enforcement, begs off a case to spend time with his high school girlfriend.  His friend and boss is shot and killed.

A young FBI profiler is unknowingly tracking the very same killer, weeding through a trail of bodies found in religiously named towns:  Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem.  

This book is challenging, unique, and morbid.  I can only assume that the violence will get worse, but that the story itself will only get better.


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