Four on Thursday

Well, I stayed up late to watch the Bruins last night (but fell asleep well before the 3rd overtime) only to wake up this morning and hear that they lost.

There's also some super severe storms heading to the DC area (derecho style).

Charge your devices, buy some candles, and get ready for a blackout!

Private Yacht Colorblocked Dress, $48.99

Black and white may be a "trend" this season, but it's actually a timeless classic.  This dress has gorgeous black piping without going overboard (pun intended... because it's a yacht dress, get it) and a feminine shape.  Perfect for summer soirees, but just watch out for spills.

Tildon Turnback Collar Blazer, on sale $29.97

There's a hole in my closet and it needs to be filled by a white blazer.  My current one just isn't working for me (too boxy), so I'm on the hunt.  This one is a contender due to its crepe material and the fact that it is lightweight and nipped in at the waist.

Land's End Patterned Shirtdress, $88

Sometimes you just need some pattern in your life.  This shirtdress gives you two.  I love a shirtdress for its ease, and this one has that unexpected change of pattern at the hem.  Wear this with flat sandals all summer long.

Asos Contrast Panel Belted Bandeau Swimsuit, $47.52

Bathing suit season is here, like it or not.  And as I'm somewhat of an adult now, I find myself looking more and more at one pieces.  I love the combination of white and navy, plus the colorblocking and the belt have a slimming effect.


  1. Lauren Lanza OsiasJune 15, 2013 at 1:51 PM

    I am dying for that Asos bathing suit!!!! It's amaze balls!!!!

    Hope you didn't have to use the candles ;) ;)


  2. Isn't it gorgeous? I just love it! And there was no need for candles because the derecho never showed up, woohoo!

    Thanks for commenting!


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