Friday's Fancies: Summer Wishlist

Last night I went to GLAM's Summer Event, which was fantastic.  There was great music, lots of different vendors to shop from, and an open bar.  They hit the trifecta.

I bought a very simple, understated necklace that I'll hopefully be sharing soon (since I plan on wearing it all day, every day) and met some new blog friends, as well as finally met some in real life for the first time.

Afterwards, I hustled up the hill to a friend's birthday dinner at Pound, which is a totally unexpected gem.  It functions as a coffee shop during the day, but becomes a little bistro at night.  We sat outside on their back patio, which feels worlds away from the city. Highly recommended, especially for a date night.

And this weekend I'm off to a wedding to celebrate two amazing people who I don't get to see enough of.  Can't wait to celebrate!

Friday's Fancies: Summer Wishlist

Friday's Fancies: Summer Wishlist by smartificial featuring a travel tote

My summer wishlist is pretty basic.  Lots of navy and white, natural fabrics like linen and cotton, bright nails and lips, a fun bikini, and perhaps a picnic.  Any takers?

Have a good weekend!


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