Four on Thursday (Wednesday Edition)

You may have noticed that everything is being pushed up a day this week.  Well, that's because starting tomorrow night I will be off the grid at my 5-year college reunion!  Woooo!  Party, no parents!!

Excitement is an understatement.  

I'm staying in a townhouse with all of my senior year roomies (all 6 of us!) and DT is staying with his roommates and it's going to be one glorious weekend full of dance parties and boat cruises and unhealthy food and drinking more than we should and then suffering because we, in fact, are not in college any more.

Can't wait!

But for now, I give you clothes:

Victoria's Secret Crochet Fringe Cover-up Sweater, on sale $29.99

I have a sweater cover-up very similar to this one (minus the fringe) and I live in it from June-September.  It's the perfect way to add some coverage and some warmth while still looking summery and beach or pool appropriate.  

Banana Republic Lace Tank, on sale $19.99

Despite navy being one of my favorite colors, I've noticed a serious lack of it in my wardrobe.  This tank is a great way to incorporate navy into your look.  I'd wear it with white denim and a statement necklace for a slightly nautical look.

Gap Luxe Jersey Striped Ringer Tee, $22.95

A striped shirt - oh, you don't say?  But this one has a contrasting neckline, so it's different!  Easy striped cotton tees are a no-brainer.

Banana Republic Multi-Stripe Double-Breasted Sweater Blazer, on sale $89.99

Let's end on some awesome stripes.  This sweater blazer hybrid might solve my office temperature issues (as I type this, I'm wrapped in a fleece blanket, which surprisingly is not the most professional look in the world) and it happens to be incredibly stylish as well.


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