Currently Reading: Atonement

Confession: I'd never read Atonement until now.

I know, I know.

It was however, one of the first movies DT and I ever watched together.  

One of my college roommates' fathers used to take the train to work every morning and there was always this guy selling DVDs that were, like, brand new movies.  As in still in theaters, totally bootleg, illegal DVDS.  And he would buy them and send them to my roommate and we always got to watch everything fo' free.

Atonement was one of those bootlegs.  DT and I watched it in his tiny twin bed, in his tiny bedroom, in his senior year townhouse.  Oh, memories.

Anyway, the movie was pretty great and we actually discussed it in one of my classes, so I'm very excited to finally be reading the book.  I'm only about 75 pages in, but loving everything about it so far.  The characters, the setting (that house just sounds gorgeous), the language are all so beautiful.  

McEwan clearly has a gift for elaborating the everyday and finding the smallest details, while keeping intrigue.  I already hate the character of Briony and, although I know what is coming, am excited to see it in writing.

Any Atonement fans?  Book or movie?  I mean, Keira Knightly in that green dress is everything.


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