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Hi friends!

Sorry it has been so long, but I spent the weekend in beautiful Burlington, Vermont pretending I was still a college student.  And surprise, surprise, I need a little more recovery time than I used to.

I didn't take any outfit photos while I was there because a) it rained a lot, b) I mostly just ran around in all the neon clothing I could find, and c) I was having too much fun!

There will be outfit photos in your future though.  Believe it.

For now, check out some of the damage I've done with recent shopping trips (mostly through the magic of the internets):

J. Crew Factory had an extra 40% off everything, so I snagged some easy summer pieces.  I'm a little worried these may look like mom shorts, but hopefully, I'll be able to pull them off in a non-mom way.


I love a good tunic, which I usually use as a beach cover-up.  This one has adorable little anchors on it and should be a great addition to my pool ensembles.

Snagged this baby off of Very Jane for a mint.  I love J. Crew jewelry, but can't afford it, so I turn to the knockoffs.  It's not ideal, but good statement jewelry is hard to find at a good price point.

And yes, I've joined the blogger cult of the Zara culottes.  I just couldn't help it.  After seeing them on everyone and their mom, I had to make them mine.  I've been big on the black/white looks lately and the architectural shape of these is perfection.  

What have you been buying lately?


  1. Oh gosh I've been buying so much! lol LOVE your recent purchases! I saw those at Zara but they scare me lol Can't wait to see them on you!


  2. Hopefully getting an outfit post up with them soon!


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