Friday's Fancies: Beach Ready

It's Friday, which means it's basically the weekend and time to celebrate!

I'm unfortunately not headed to the beach (that will happen on Wednesday), but I do have plans to kick off the 2013 season of Hot Pants Brunch Club, which is almost as good!

Friday's Fancies: Beach Ready

Friday's Fancies: Beach Ready by smartificial featuring beach handbags

Beach ready...

First off, grab a cute, but thick towel.  Add a bathing suit.  I like a strapless option to minimize tan lines, especially if you have to wear a bridesmaid dress later this summer :)

Big tote, shades, a hat, easy sandals, and a cute cover-up pretty much do the rest.

Just don't forget the sunscreen and a big old stack of reading material.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have horrible tan lines already from running outside lol I'll be at the beach Thursday! yay!



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