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This week is a bit of a mish-mash.  

Outfit photos have not happened.  I'm still reading East of Eden (that sucker is about 900 pages).

And I'm just generally busy in other, non-blog areas of my life.

So you are getting these late, random, but still hopefully entertaining posts.

Now, let's talk summer tv.

Things slow down a bit, you've got time to play catch-up with Netflix, but there are still some gems out there.

Yes, I watch Pretty Little Liars.  Yes, it's on ABC Family and may be a "teen" show, but this thing is fun, dramatic, and way better than you probably give it credit for.

If you're not watching Mad Men, you're missing out.  It is consistently one of the most interesting, complex, well-done shows ever made.  This season has had a few lows (I'm looking at you, weird S&M Don Draper), but overall, it's fantastic.

True Blood is absurd, ridiculous, and totally campy.  However, it is also self-aware about those things and plays into all of them in the best way.  The story lines only get crazier and the actors only get more and more naked.  Good, clean fun.  And starts on Sunday!

We can all agree that MTV is terrible, right?  It's gone totally downhill as a channel, but Awkward is its one saving grace.  The show is smart, clever, and endlessly entertaining.  You're welcome.

I'm giving The Killing another shot.  After the first two almost unwatchable seasons, they've revamped the writers room and so far, it's paying off.  A new case and new actors (Peter Sarsgaard!  Elias Koteas!) are breathing some life into the show.

There's a handful of new shows starting mid-summer that I plan on checking out too, including The Bridge (FX), Siberia (NBC), and Low Winter Sun (AMC).  

What are you watching?  And what else should I be watching?


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