Friday's Fancies: Wedding Season


This weekend is potentially taken up by way too much soccer (a definite game on Saturday and maybe a second game on Sunday), because District Sports has decided to take not one, but both of my weekend days.  Good for them.

I'm hoping to fill the rest of my days with relaxing time at the pool and some delicious food.

And of course, Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Go B's!

Friday's Fancies: Wedding Season

Friday's Fancies: Wedding Season by smartificial featuring high heel sandals

Next weekend I'm off to my first wedding of the summer, which should be ah-mah-zing.

Some super awesome DC friends moved to San Francisco a couple years ago, but are getting married in Maryland in a barn!

Barn wedding!

I'm leaning towards slightly dressier than I maybe should go, but will bring my denim jacket (sidenote: why does "denim jacket" sound so much cooler than "jean jacket"?) in case it cools down.

I've got a gorgeous mint pleated dress that's perfect for dancing.  I'll pair it with some bright accessories and not-too-high heels so I can clean up on the dance floor.

Dance parties are always top priority, so matter the occasion.


  1. oh have fun at the barn wedding! I've never been to one, but they always seems so pretty in pictures.

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  2. Pretty dress, and love that straw clutch! And yes- GO B'S!! <3

  3. Such a cute summer wedding outfit!!! Have a great weekend!


  4. Oh, this is perfect!!! Love it!!

  5. It's my first, so I'm super excited. The bride is amazing, so I'm sure it's going to look stunning!

    Thanks for commenting, Amy!

  6. I've actually got the clutch in green, so I'll be bringing that with me!


  7. Thanks, Alissa - hope your weekend was great!


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