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Imagine all of the world's people: African, Norse, Irish, Slavic, Chinese, Greek, Roman.  As these people emigrate to America, they bring their gods with them.  Just as they did in their homeland, they worship these gods, they make sacrifices to these gods, they continue the rituals that keep these gods alive.  

Generations down the line however, the people no longer worship the gods as they once did.  The gods  have become fairytales, stories to be told, rather than divine beings to be devoted to.  

The gods themselves, having traveled to America with their followers, are no longer the strong, powerful beings that they used to be.  Instead of living off of worship or blood sacrifice, they now have to make their own way in a new country that does not respect or even remember them.

The American people have found new gods to worship.  Television, Media, Internet are now the American gods and see themselves as the only gods worthy of such devotion.  Can there be room for both?

Shadow, a recently released convict, finds himself wrapped up in this war between the old gods and the new, each struggling to survive and destroy the other.  With elements of the supernatural and mythology, Neil Gaiman creates a world where the extraordinary happens all around us all the time. 

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  1. My favorite author. Read Anansi Boys next. I thought that one was even better.

  2. LOVED this book. Even at the beginning, when I was like, "Oh, this is pretty great", it only got better. I also heard a rumor that HBO bought the option to turn it into a show!

    And I'll definitely check out Anansi Boys. Added to my list!


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