Friday's Fancies: 150!

Enjoy your (hopefully) long weekend!

Friday's Fancies: 150!

Friday's Fancies: 150! by smartificial featuring teardrop shaped earrings

Not only is today the 150th edition of Friday's Fancies, it's also my birthday!

So it feels very appropriate to share a party outfit, and this is actually a fairly close representation of what I'll be wearing tonight to celebrte a college friend's wedding.

Red lace, with a nude accessories, and a touch of glamour through some drop earrings are a perfect look to celebrate friends and ring in a new year for myself.

Here's to 28!

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  1. Love this look! That dress is gorgeous!

    Friday's Fancies

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you need bows on your birthday, so those shoes are perfect :)

  3. Thanks Betsy! The bows were certainly festive!

  4. I only wish my own pictures had turned out better! Now I know, blog photos must be done before cocktail hour.


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